Kunming bomingfa economic and trade co., ltd. is located in the beautiful spring city of four seasons -- kunming, yunnan province, which is a comprehensive enterprise integrating production and sales.The company was founded in 2008, the main paraffin products, plastic products, pipe accessories.The main business sales of petrochina fushun kunlun brand, daqing petrochemical kunlun brand, daqing refining kunlun brand, dalian petrochemical kunlun brand, lanzhou petrochemical kunlun brand;Sinopec yanshan petrochemical, jingmen petrochemical, maoming petrochemical, taizhou petrochemical, jinan petrochemical, Shanghai gaoqiao petrochemical, nanyang petrochemical and other refineries no. 52, 54, 56, 58, 60, 62, 64, 66 fully refined paraffin, semi-refined paraffin, crude paraffin.In addition, the wholesale sales of coal-based synthetic wax feituo wax, palm wax, hydrogenated oil (hardening oil), microcrystalline wax, rubber protection wax, emulsified wax, synthetic wax, PE wax, PVC wax, imported polyethylene wax, food wax.Other special waxes include chemical wax, plastic wax, emulsion explosive wax, beeswax, lignite wax, wood wax, floor wax;Textile wax, polishing wax, stearic acid, plastic additives, chemical raw materials.
    The company set up the import and export business division in 2016. At present, the export countries include the United States, Kenya, Tanzania, Thailand, Vietnam, myanmar and more than ten other countries and regions.
    The company has been the credibility of the first, service for the purpose of customers, we hope that the new and old customers, call to negotiate! 

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