Registered address: main building of science and technology information center, no.398, west 2nd ring road, kunming city

General manager: zeng yun depends on mobile phone :13700685800

Telephone: 64640009 63988887

Fax: 0871-64589797 68586828

QQ number: 8357895

Company website

Chinese website: www. warning tape. Com

Sales department of plastic products: 805, building 5, phase 2, new luosiwan international trade city, kunming city

Contact person: wu zhengbo (manager)

Phone: 13577150011

Telephone: 0871-64640009

QQ number: 8357895

Petrochemical products sales department: kunming new Asian sports city crystal fort

Contact person: wu lingling (manager)

Phone: 13608887738

Telephone: 0871-63988887

QQ number: 63794604

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